Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Whimsical Houses

It seems that houses have been coming up a lot in my artwork of late.
Could it be something to do with family moving?
My daughter moved not long ago and in two more weeks we will be moving
my parents in to a bungalow.

Home has always been the best place for me to be. No matter where I have lived, and I have lived in many places in my life time, I have always made the house my home, my sanctuary.
How about you?

My husband had some scrap wood so I asked him to cut some wonky edges and make me some houses, and this is what the finished product looks like. 

I have used my own stamps carved from rubber on these, which I learned about in Kate Krane's class at 21 Secrets workshops, along with other stamps, paints, papers etc.

You can see one of my rustic little stamps in this photograph below.
 I used it on this piece of cardboard art in Kate's Journal Soup class.


 Here is another cute piece I did in Kate's class too, made on an old piece of cardboard.
 I enjoyed this class very much.

I am not sure if you can still sign up but here is the link again
if you want a lot of fun this summer.

My sister continues to struggle through chemotherapy, she has completed half of it and has another 12 weeks to go, she should be finished just after her birthday in August. Then she get's a month to recuperate before her next surgery.

The next little while will be helping mom and dad finish packing, move and get settled, but I can't wait. It will only take me 7 minutes to drive to them after that. Yipeee...

I know this post is short (although sweet), I just wanted to share my art with you, it's hard keeping up with blogging lately, hope I am not gone so long next time.