Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Owls and Digital Manipulations

Hi my blogging friends, how are you?
I know it's been a while since I posted or did my blog visits, life has been rather busy.

So what have I been up to lately? I have been having a little fun creating with some beautiful sheets of felt I purchased from, called National Non Woven Felt, I just love it, and I have been shopping there for some lovely threads too, I love the Oliver Twist packs, and was going to show you some, but this post may get too long.
I actually made these cute little owls two weeks ago. 
This blue one is my favourite.

I then designed a little needle book and I am really happy how it turned out.

You can see below the steps I took to make this little project, and I am trying to show you the finished inside but blogger is giving me fits here.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 

I have also been playing in PSE9 , but not as much as I would like.
I am also learning how to use my new camera, going to a DSLR after my little Coolpix point and shoot, is rather overwhelming. I just want to know how everything works, and right now LOL.

This is as you may guess, called "Authentic". A photo of some Grape Hyacinth from the grocery store processed with Kim Klassen textures. The link to her site is in my side bar if you have yet to see her beautiful textures.

I hope to be back sooner than last time, 
Until then,  keep living creatively  :)


  1. Your owls are so cute! I really like the little needle book! And your photos are so pretty too! :0)

  2. Beautiful, beautiful pictures- all gorgeous, but that Hyacinth (!) is perfect, you really captured how delicate and almost ethereal they are. And I LOVE your owls, both designs are so sweet:)
    I'm so glad you popped in, I've missed you, lady!

  3. Adorable little owls. The photography is very nice too. You are multi-talented.

  4. So much to see here today, Lynn! Awesome post! Your little owls are just adorable, and your pictures are stunning! Don't you just LOVE Kim Klassen's textures? Hugs & Loe, Terri xoxoxo

  5. Your owls are so cute Lynn and your pictures are also wonderful. Have a great day.


  6. Such adorable little owls! I have marked your owl crafts page and will come back to it when I have a few more minutes to look at everything.

  7. Really cute owls and the photo's are terrific.
    Hugs, Amy

  8. OMG those are too cute Lynn! Pop over to my blog, I am doing an art challenge and I know you would do something wonderful if you decide to participate!

  9. Hi Lynn,
    Really sweet owls and the photos are amazing!!!

  10. Gorgeous overlays on those photos making them so serene and ethereal. Your owls are very cute! Love all the embroidery work you to. Have a great day! :) Tammy

  11. Your post made my day :) such a cute, sweet owls! And flowers are wonderful!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Best wishes,

  12. Oh, everything is just lovely, Lynn! The owls are so cute, the felt book is wonderful, and your photos are just stunning!

  13. Hi Lynn,
    The needle case is just adorable. I think I may need to make one myself!

  14. Love your owls!!! I love owls!!! xx,
    Autumn Clark

  15. Hi Lynn, I am a little slow in visiting with everything that is going on in my life, but I had to come tell you how much I liked your little owls. They are so very cute. I always like seeing what you are up to. Have a great day my friend. Your Missour Friend.

  16. Lynn, I love your sweet owls, they're just adorable!!
    And your photos are so beautiful!

  17. I haven't visited in a while and you've been doing some great works. These owls are lovely and the needle case is adorable, Lynn.

    Have a fab day!
    Gaby xo

  18. Your owls are just darling! I love the colors you used! beautiful work! :)

  19. Your owls are so adorable Lynn and I also love the needle book! The felt looks wonderful and such pretty colors too! Love your amazing digital work, absolutely stunning...the tulips are so gorgeous!!
    Love & Hugs,
    Carol Anne

  20. sweet little owls...the felt does look like fun to play with!

    muscari always makes me think of my mother and Alex...she Loved to tell me about how he went out in the garden (she actually had them popping up in the lawn) and picked a handful with short stems...he was just a little guy

    Love your soft pics and congrats again on your new photography bbb

    happy spring weekend to you and yours dear one

  21. Lynn, your photography is stunning! I love how you captured the softness of the flowers.

  22. Gorgeous photogrpahy..yay..let me know when you get your new site..wonderful..congrats! Gorgeous creations..your owl is so adorable..shine on! Beautiful work! and lovely heart touching story !

  23. I don't know how I missed this post Lynn ...its full of gorgeousness!!
    I LOVE those pink tulips and, as always, your digital art is delightful.
    Linda x

  24. Beautiful simply perfect! you did such a great job...I cannot wait to *attempt* this ;)

    XOXO Andrea


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