Saturday, October 30, 2010

Art. Heart, Healing Workshop

She is back... yeahhhhhhhh....
My Muse :)
Mostly because I found that Tam at Willowing was offering a free workshop.

I had just finished my last blog post and told you my muse was still missing. Not an hour later I had been to another blog, after clicking on a link for some reason and read about the Art, Heart, Healing Workshop that Tamara was running.

I call that an "Unmistakable Touch of Grace", after reading the book by that title a couple of years ago by Cheryl Richardson. Some of you call it a "coincidence". Great book and an easy read.

I suddenly felt inspired again once I was at the website so I signed up promptly and have been playing with my paints again the past two days.

I think I will just stick to these few teaser photos of my journal pages for now, as I feel I need to add something else still, but it just feels so good to be able to do this again and I had to come and tell you about the workshop.

The videos started October 18th but I have done one class in just two days, now I can go watch the other videos for week 2.

I believe she was going to wait another week for the 3rd class because more and more people are interested. If you don't feel like working on this now, not to worry, you can download and keep the videos on your computer to watch at a later time.

As I said, this is a free workshop, but Tam has put a lot of work into these videos, they are great quality, and I have enjoyed the first ones very much.

I finally dirtied my large moleskine journal, which my DD gifted to me last Christmas so she was happy when I told her about that :)

You can go read all about the workshop here
and, or listen to a video describing it and why Tamara decided to offer this for free.

Have a great rest of the weekend, and keep your kiddies safe on Halloween :)

P.S I am still looking for 3 people to sign up for my PIF
Read about it on my last post.
No pressure, I have time:)