Monday, July 26, 2010

What are Wildflowers anyway?

A wild or uncultivated flowering plant.
Some may even call them weeds, such as the clover I have here, but even weeds have beauty in them.
These beautiful specimens are the only thing blooming in the back yard of the new house, and I think I would like to keep them when we do get around to doing any planting. Our new yard is very long and quite wide too, I forget the exact measurements but there is a lot of room in the back for an entire garden of wildflowers, so that is my first design plan :)

After my blog post this morning I went outside and picked some, look how pretty they are. I put them in water so they wouldn't wilt before I squashed them in my microwave flower press, and they were so tiny I grabbed the smallest little jug I have. I thought they were pretty enough to take a photograph :)
I also wanted to ask you something. Does anyone know what the purple flowers are? I am wondering if they are an ornamental pepper plant of some kind. I have searched images on google, but not found these yet. Not sure what the skinny things in the back are either but I like them.

Here is a little project I finished and I have more on the go, just waiting to dry. This is an ATC , but I decided to give it a hanger.
I stitched the dragonfly on there, it is really tiny, and I did some cross stitches but you can't see them. Then I stitched twice around the edges. I used chalk inks to colorize it , a tiny piece of fiber and specks of gold leaf (thank you Linda for that).
Click on the photo for a closer look.

The flower projects I am working on now will be very simple on white backgrounds, hope to show you those soon. I love to hear your comments and any opinions or suggestions are greatly appreciated too on my latest obsession.

Thank you,

Update, update, read all about it....

Thank you Pam for warning me about the purple flower, I think I will just leave them alone when I see them, they really don't look as beautiful when they are dried anyway.

The purple plant is Deadly Nightshade or Atropa Belladonna, and it is toxic if ingested.