Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vintage beautiful, a lovely surprise

I had a very special surprise package from my dear friend Carol Anne last week, and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I still cannot believe all the beautiful things she gifted me.
First of all the wrapping was divine, I was afraid to open it. Each package was in a cello envelope then adorned with lace and ribbons, take a look.

Carol Anne is known from her blog Carol Anne's Boutique, where she offers some of the most beautiful vintage clip art, scanned from her own collection of cabinet cards, photos and postcards. She really has touched my heart, I have been in love with vintage linens or even linens and lace that look vintage for years now, just look at this exquisite piece of lace trim which was wrapped around the first packet. It is a beautiful ivory color.
Inside that first packet was another one, again , beautiful presented with a vintage postcard and wrapped with button ribbon, then topped off with a pearl pin. oooo la la, my heart was skipping beats.
Especially when I opened it to find the most gorgeous pieces of vintage linens, including two beautiful collars. I love battenburg lace so much. There are doilies too and more, just makes me swoon :)

I just love how she packaged everything, I can't say that enough, and I know it must have taken quite a bit of time. A touch of ribbon and lace is just perfect, and the other one is pink ribbon and rosebud trim together, lovely, lovely, lovely :)

Wonderful cabinet cards, postcards, vintage style flowers, which I am in love with and a sweet tag to finish it all off.

More postcards and a really cool Autograph book to alter, along with tiny bird nests and beautiful silk flowers. Can you see the buttons too?

One package after another I just got so excited and little Cooper was wondering what all the fuss was about :) I had to snap lots of photos.
Another adorable cabinet card and more, and I love how the bingo card says Adore and the tag to match.
I hope I didn't forget anything I could go on and on showing photos. I am thrilled, this is all sooooooo "me" and I thank you again sweetie from the bottom of my heart, this really was a wonderful pick me up while I am packing daily for our move.
I am only sorry I have to pack it all up soon, but I know how happy I will be to open it all again when I get settled in our new home :)

I am told the kitchen cabinets are being installed at the end of the week, now that is going to be exciting and I hope to go on the weekend and get some photos. I can't believe this is all happening, I am so excited :)