Friday, February 26, 2010


Are you a dreamer?

I certainly am, and I always have been. I think creative people often are don't you? I always dreamed of being an artist, and for the past few years, my dreams in that area have come true, I have been able to try and test out my creative spirit in areas I never would have thought I would go. The great thing is I keep trying new techniques and new forms of art, so it is always so exciting and I just can't get enough.

I have been playing with my daughters water color papers, the ones she made in her high school years and was throwing in the trash. Remember I saved them?
This time I added some stamping and distressed edges, but left them as they were otherwise. The "dreamer" I glued on to a black card and it has gone off to a beautiful friend :)
The "nesting", I did cut to ATC size but added no extra color.

So my dear, beautiful, talented daughter, we just finished another collaboration of art work together. Now, are you not happy that I fished your papers out of the trash?

Clip art from Paper Whimsy, The Vintage Moth, Digital Collage Sheets, Artchix Studio,
and Retro Cafe Art.