Sunday, January 31, 2010

Peace, Tranquility, Silence

Peace, Tranquility, Silence... just what I need right now.

My post for the OWOH giveaway is below this one, I am still not caught up with visiting everyone who has commented, there are just so many of you and I will tell you why I am so behind in a minute.

This digital artwork is one of the latest projects that DJ posted for us in her workshop and I really like how it turned out. Again by following these tutorials I have learned so much about PSE8 that I never could have on my own.
(All photos are copyright DJ Pettitt)

Anyhoo, to make a long story short, we are moving June 26th to our dream home...yeahhhhh. We chose a home from a builder and they will be done by that date. I have been choosing everything from where to put electrical switches to kitchen cabinets. Sometimes fun, sometimes stressful, because at the same time I have had to get my current home ready for sale and we just signed the papers today to have it listed. This is why I have been so busy, and I have barely had time for any artwork.

I had to really organize and clean my studio, it has to be reasonable looking to potential buyers, and I decided to spring clean so everything is nice and fresh. The place is "pristine" LOL... and I have found muscles I never knew I had.
So we may be in the MLS system by Wednesday then I will not be able to relax until it's sold. I am a homebody and a private person and I hate the thought of people coming here and roaming around, and it seems you have to get out when they come with their agent. I just hope it sells quickly. I really miss my artwork, so I am so grateful that I started the digital workshop, at least I can do that on my lap top while I sit on the couch.

Our new home is about the same size as this one, quite large for two people and a little dog some people would say, but our daughter does come to visit often and we need the space, and we love the space. The kitchen has to be just right for my hubby, one of his passions is cooking and baking, he even makes bread :) It has a walk in pantry which he is thrilled about LOL, he has to have a home office for his real job, and I have to have a studio of course :) I did have a say in the kitchen cabinets and it is going to be beautiful, antique white in a kind of French country feel, something I always dreamed of, although I don't cook, I still clean and eat in there.

I am hoping to visit everyone who have left a comment for the OWOH giveaway, I do a bunch each day, but I just can't be online all day. Thank you all for dropping by, and have a great evening:)