Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Snow in Summer?

Snow in summer is the name of a plant I have lot's of in my front garden, but this is not that kind of snow, this is freezing cold ice pellets that hit us last night at dinner time.

I can't believe it, this happened at the same time last year only it was much worse, I lost a lot of plants, and a lot of my beautiful hydrangeas were ripped apart then. This time the worst hit were my annuals in my flower pots. I just had to go out on the porch and get a photo of this and believe me it felt "chilly" out there.

Photo below I took while standing on the front porch when it just started, you can see all that white stuff on the black mulch we have. I hope the beautiful red maple there will be ok, it and all the other plants were not planted too long ago, this is a new section we had done in the front of the house.
And the rain and thunder storms just keep on coming, it has rained, actually down poured for a few days in a row now. I feel terrible for people who work and are off tomorrow for Canada Day, which is a lot like July 4th in the States only it landed on a Wednesday this year so it's not going to seem like much of a holiday for most people. I just hope they at least have some nice weather.

I am working on my ABAA challenge for this month, the theme is to use a Dragonfly, so head on over there if you want to join in :) I am doing a 6x6 canvas which I have been working on for hours, just had to take a break and let my puppy go pee pee, then I couldn't just walk by the computer and so I have been sitting again for over an hour. You know how it is.