Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gothic Arches Challenge Open Theme

The Challenge at Gothic Arches is an open theme this week.

I chose to use the color Purple this week. I used digital images from and a bird from Digital Collage Sheets with a touch of netting (thank you Patty) and some chalks to create this Arch.

On another note, 29 years ago today I was married to my wonderful husband, and I wanted to show you the gorgeous red roses he gave me. The photo doesn't even show how beautiful the are, and well, you can't smell them the way I do. Every time I walk through the house I can smell them.

We really celebrated more yesterday, it was a lovely warm day and we just lazed around outside on the deck not doing much at all. We don't often do that lately.
Then we went for dinner at one of the local wineries. We live at the start of the Niagara Wine Trail so you don't have to go far before you start seeing all the grape vines neatly cast among acres of ground in perfect rows.
I will not say which winery because we were actually very disappointed. I am not one to complain but to start with I thought I was in Starbucks, you know that music they play in there, jazz and blues ? Not the romantic ambiance we expected which is what they described. Then the food, it was tasteless and over priced. We actually came home and ate some bread. I won't go on about it but I have never gone to a high end restaurant and been that totally disappointed, and we have been to some good ones over our 29 years together. Needless to say we didn't stay for dessert.
Tonight however my husband, who is an amazing cook, made us a beautiful, delicious dinner and we had our favorite wine. I made a lovely fruit salad for dessert. I didn't have to get dressed up or even put makeup on, he loves me just the way I am, and we were much more comfortable. We had a good laugh about that dinner last night too, and now as he cleans up (he is spoiling me big time) I am blogging.
Now I will go and spend some more quality time with my best friend, soul friend, lover, companion and damn good cook, maybe even another glass of wine and a snuggle with our puppy.