Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Early Christmas Presents and Ms Pearl

My hubby doesn't know what to gift me this year for Christmas, so I asked for art supplies, and workshops. I don't have the art supplies yet, I have been looking for a nice set of Faber Castel Pitt Art Pens, no luck, I found a set of black ones but I want a nice set of colored brush pens, you can add water to them on your canvas and paint, I saw a demo on youtube. So..... my daughter is going to look on Queen St in Toronto, she said there are a lot of art shops there.

I have however signed up for two workshops woohoooooo. One is Pam Carriker's Art Journalling on Creative Workshops, which starts in January and the other one, is Suzi Blu's Les Petit Dolls workshop, which started this past summer but is still available until March 2009.

I am thrilled to start Suzi Blu's workshop already, and I have to tell you, she is amazing, she is there for her students, she has amazing videos, and pdf files with inspiration to make you feel good about your work, this is not just a regular old class, she is with you every step of the way and there to help if you need it. I watched the first video class yesterday and have been practising sketching some faces, and I just love it. So...... Happy Christmas to me :)

This past week I created a snow lady just for me, her name is Ms Pearl , she is a real lady, kind of Victorian Shabby Chic and is all dressed up for a party in Winter Wonderland. No paper on this baby, I designed the pattern on paper though LOL. I have never made a snow person before but always wanted to, only I wanted something different, so this is what I came up with.

I wanted her all in winter white and very vintage, so for her coat I used some chenille from an old bedspread I got at the thrift shop (I collect chenille) and left the fringe on, then handstitched vintage trim to it, and vintage pearls. I keep saying vintage, ok will stop, it is all vintage except for the little bird on her head and the wreath and gold snowflakes.
So around her neck I wrapped a doily and some laces for her scarf then pinned on a rhinestone brooch. I fashioned her necklace from the pearl strand, just added the old locket. Even the flowers around her head are very old. I stitched her eyes on and added a piece of wood for her nose.
Here she is on my mantle in my living room. This year I put white birds and other white things on the mantle in this room so she looks right at home there :) She stand up on her own because I put lots of plastic pellets in her bottom.

Hope you are having a great day and make some time to create , even decorating for the holidays is creative, have some fun with it :)

Bye for now