Monday, June 9, 2014


It's that time of year again, everything is so lush and green, flowers are blooming, my absolute favourite time of the year.

I love the sound of the two little yellow finches that visit us each day, this one was looking right at me at the time I took this shot. Isn't he cute ?

I have been very busy with life, and have had no time for blogging. Actually I am not a very good blogger anymore, I just can't seem to get in to it, but I thought I would drop in and at least say hello.
So here we are....

Art work, crafts , sewing etc has been pretty non existent for months now, lots more other things to do , which I am also happy doing. Work around the house, and the garden among other things and for the summer I am going to focus more on learning how to use my SLR camera properly and take more photos, then we have a special trip coming up , we are going to Italy so I will share  more about that with you later.

I will be back after our trip, enjoy your summer everyone :)


  1. The little bird is so pretty. I believe it is a Canary though. I raised Canaries and Finches for quite some time and it looks like the Canaries I raised. Finches are usually smaller birds and different in color. I enjoyed the photo, thanks for sharing.

    1. A canary? Wow, I didn't even think of that Jan , and they have such a pretty song , will look,it up. Maybe that's why we only see two of them :)

  2. I think your wee bird is a goldfinch. Such lovely songsters! Enjoy your summer and your holiday. Will be anxious to see pictures when you return.

  3. Lovely photo and the beak definitely gives it away as a finch. Very envious of your trip to Italy.

  4. It's good to hear from you Lynn. I know what you mean about the blogging, I just can't seem to get into it much anymore either. Enjoy your time in Italy, it sounds wonderful!

  5. That's a delightful photo captured it brilliantly!
    Come back soon......xx


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