Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meet Signor Frog

A quick post today for Cynnie, who is painting frogs at the moment.
This is our resident pond frog, who we named Signor Frog

Isn't he beautiful?

I never imagined I would enjoy a frog so much, but both of us, my husband and I go looking for him every day to see if he is enjoying the sun.

I actually took these shots last summer, he just loves to sit on the Water Lettuce and
have his photo taken. I used my Nikon macro lens for these shots and was so pleased
to have some good ones. I just didn't post these last summer but you will be seeing
a lot more of my garden nature sanctuary this summer.

Of course, he is not the one I would want to snuggle with, but this guy is :)
My darling little Cooper will be four years old in a few months yet he seems
like a little puppy.  He has such a pure and loving energy about him, he
could calm anyone, and he does this for me every day bless him.

Textures by Kim Klassen were used on this image.

Hope you are having great weather like we are, we had a great
holiday weekend, hot and sunny but cool in the shade. Just the 
way I like it.