Sunday, July 11, 2010

First photos of our dream home :)

Just a few photos of our new home for now. I have had a hard time getting good photos for some reason, and the only two areas that look reasonably tidy right now are the living/dining room and the sitting room upstairs. We are still waiting for the kitchen people to come and finish up the work so I won't even show you that yet. There is trim missing at the top of cupboards, the fridge doors are missing and they range hood is not finished, they forgot about my corbals, and to be honest so did I until I had lived here for a week. That's how stressful moving can be.

So here we are just inside the front door. It is very wide and open to the formal living room and dining room. The floors are all dark hardwood on the main level, with the exception of the mud room and powder room which are tile.
I wanted to use my favorite Benjamin Moore color throughout the main floor and up the stairs too, which is Philadelphia Cream. I just love it with the dark floors and white trim.
I had the brown and blue pillows in our previous family room but I think I like them on my white couch too and they tie in with the dark frames on the wall which I also had in the previous family room.
The room still looks very empty, I need a couple of big white/cream comfy chairs I think, and an area rug in the living room
This next photo is taken from the couch. I just LOVE my new dining room table and chairs and they chairs came with slip covers too but I like the way they look without them. Now I need something "large" as a center piece because I am leaving the leaf in the table.

We have a chandelier ordered and it matches the one you see in the hallway, but it hasn't arrived yet. I am sure that will make the room look more complete too and something else on that back wall.
The french door is one of those pocket doors which slides in the wall and it leads to the servery that goes through to the kitchen. You can see an archway down the hall, that is the entrance to the kitchen and the family room.

Next I will show you what is at the top of the stairs. Ooooooh I love this little area already and have sat here a few times with my lap top. I have already changed it a bit in the last couple of days, moved the white table over and added a small round table for my coffee. I decided to use the chairs I had in my former living room up hear for a cottage style room.

I had such a hard time taking a photo of this area, but at least it is tidy now, you should have seen all the boxes there a week ago.

One more for now of the back of the house. I have been waiting for the painters to come and paint the front exterior and they did finally do it yesterday.
We have a huge back yard which is all grass at the moment and with all the heat we have had a terrible time keeping it alive. Right now as I am typing, it is raining really good... yeahhhh!!!!!!

The stucco is a creamy color. The two windows upstairs are the master bedroom, the lower windows are family room and kitchen.

I felt so at home from the day we moved in and I was just thinking today that I feel as if I have always lived here and we havn't been moved in 3 weeks yet. The house just has a good energy and is so full of light :)

It's been a long drawn out process and very stressful, so I am sooooooo happy we are finally here and I am never, ever moving again. I hope I didn't go on too much, I am just so excited and so proud of our dream come true :)

P.S... Cooper is beside me as always and he says to tell you he loves it here especially his back yard.