Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The countdown is on

Moving date is 4 weeks today, the countdown is on, and still so much work to be done on the house, but it's looking beautiful. I am ready to share now, so many of you have asked for pictures, so I snapped these yesterday. Here is the beginning stages of our dream kitchen, and kudos to this poor man who worked the entire holiday weekend putting things together.

Guess which is my favorite part right now.

If you guessed the hood, you are right...... ohhhhhhhhh I am thrilled with it. I still can't believe this is going to be our kitchen. My DH is the one who figured out all the details, he is excellent at designing a kitchen, I am so proud of him. Of course I had a hand in it too, I had to have light cupboards, and "yes" a hood like this one.
Also, when I walked in and saw the island I got goosebumps. Sorry the photos are terrible but I was so shaking from excitement inside I didn't even have my camera on the right settings.

The walls are Benjamin Moore Philadelphia Cream which is my favorite color at the moment. I have it in our current home too, it is a lovely creamy yellow, and the kitchen cupboards are antique white, then we went with a dark wood for the island. It will then be topped with a rather dark granite which I am really nervous about, it was so hard to choose a granite to match both dark and white cupboards, as well as the floor which is a dark hardwood.

On the photo above the empty spaces in the wall are for the fridge, which is built in. Actually it is two seperate pieces, a fridge and a freezer. Beside that is a pantry with pull out shelves and on top, something I always wanted a cupboard with slots for trays or platters.

Something else we have that we always wanted are lots of drawers, pan drawers are the best, and one more dream of item will be the sink. I always wanted an apron sink. That will go in when the granite is installed.

At the moment there is a cupboard missing beside the window, not sure why.

Ok, now you will see what I mean about bad photos. This next one is the family room which is directly opposite the kitchen and look at the difference in the colors, yet it is the same as the kitchen.
Look at the beautiful ceiling in this room, lots of windows too and we are still waiting on that carpenter to get the mantle done. There is a pillar stuck there in the corner but that is going in the dining room.
Again, same color walls, bad photography. I had to show you the stairway although the steps are covered for protection. We wanted an old world look in the house with a modern twist and I think the railings work well for that.

Here we are upstairs in our bedroom. It is huge...... The first photo is the sitting area complete with another of my dreams, a fireplace. OMG... I feel as if I have died and gone to heaven.
I have designed with the carpenter a large mantle for this room, I just hope it works out well. It is a gas fire, so, where is that guy with the mantles?

This is the other side of the bedroom. I think the bed is going on the blank wall. We have cream color carpet coming for this room and the walls are a lovely cream color by Benjamin Moore.
What do you think of the trim my DH chose? Doesn't it make the place look like an older home?

I didn't get many other good photos, and I don't want to bore you to death either. The laundry room wasn't worth showing, it's a tiny room on the bedroom level which is also what I always wanted, and it will be great for cleaning my paint brushes etc in there. There are three other bedrooms on this level, one being my studio, and two bathrooms. Lot's of room for people to stay over :) One room I am designating to our DD when she is home, and just incase she returns home again after University. Then hopefully we will have grandchildren some day too :)

Our 30th wedding anniversary is coming up on June 7th and we move 2 weeks later so this is like more than a dream come true, and I only hope we get to spend another 30 years together in this beautiful home if we are so blessed that way :)

Thanks for visiting, and I will share more later.