Monday, February 22, 2010

You don't need a lump to have Breast Cancer

Do you know, there is more than one kind of breast cancer?
Do you know you can have breast cancer without a lump?
Did you know, a mammogram does not detect this kind of breast cancer?
This is called IBC or Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

I was going to post some artwork today, but I feel the need to post about IBC again. I feel the need, because I heard about Renee today, a loving mother and doting grandmother, and a wonderful friend to many, oh, and a blogger :)

As I was visiting some blogs today I read about her twice and went to visit her blog. There I found out through a post her daughter has made that Renee is not doing well . She has IBC.

The reason I know about this horrible breast cancer is I did some research last year after weeks of having itchy breasts and then noticing a small lump on my left nipple. I came across websites about IBC and then panic struck. So off I went to my family doctor. He sent me for an ultrasound right away and I am happy to say that my little lump is a fatty cyst. It is still there a year later and sometimes is a little larger than other times but now I don't worry about it. My doctor also checks on it every few months.
I never did know what caused the itchies, they went away.
Anyway, this is not about me, but that's how I found out there was such a thing and at the age of 51 too? Where had I been living, under a brick?

I then spread the word on my blog and in my online groups and most of the women that read about this disease had never heard of it, so I am hoping that today you do become aware of IBC and that you will share that information with your family members and friends, tell your adolescent daughters too, it has no age limit, it does not care who you are, but maybe someone can be saved a lot of pain by us spreading the word.

Let us all send prayers, good thoughts, vibes, whatever you call it to Renee, and hope that she is not in too much pain right now, that she is resting comfortable, and send strength to her family.
Let us tell at least one other woman about this disease, today!