Friday, September 11, 2009

In Memory

We will never forgot that horrific day where so many innocent people lost their lives.

I just want to take a quiet moment and say a prayer for all the lives lost on 911, and to all the families who lost loved ones, may your hearts go on and find joy again.

I am sure we all remember what we were doing when we found out that day. I know I do.
We were getting ready to go to the lawyers office to make a "will" of all things. We had just booked a trip to England to visit my family and had that "just in case" feeling that we should have things in place for our daughter, should anything happen to both of us. This was all planned before the attacks in New York.
My sister called and said you better turn the tv on. It was almost like disbelief when I saw what was happening, what a horrible day that was.

So two weeks later on September 27th we had to go on a plane and I had not done so for the past 20 years due to a phobia of flying. I was hoping they would cancel the flight, but they didn't. The strange thing is I felt very calm. I thought about those people on the plane and how they must have felt and I think the events taught me that no matter what, when your time is up, it's up, so get on that plane and don't complain Lynn, just do it and whatever happens there is not a thing you can do about it. So I did , and now I am over my phobia of flying.