Monday, August 3, 2009

Boys just wanna have fun

Hi my name is Cooper and I just turned 11 months old August 1st. I love climbing up on my dad and looking over his shoulder.
Mom likes this photo because she says I look as though I am roaring like a Lion. Thing is I was yawning. My best friend came to play with me this afternoon, he lives next door. He is just a puppy so I have to tell him off a lot and how to behave.
I was ready to play fetch, which I am really good at. Mom and dad throw things over the deck for me and I go find them and bring them back, but then my friend came over.
Here he is, his name is Bolt. His family named him after some kids movie.
He always expects treats from my mom when he comes over.
He thinks he can take control of me, but really I just let him :)

He pins me down by the neck, but it doesn't hurt, we are just having fun and this is what makes me so tired, because we do it most of the time when he comes over.
Then he jumps on top of me, until I can't put up with him anymore, then I start doing the same to him, but first I have to run after him and catch him.
Then the kids come over and they drive me crazy, they think I am a doll, want to cuddle me and play with me... waaaaahhhhhh... will I ever get any peace?

I was so worn out, that's why I was yawning, so when dad put me down I went to the door and hoped someone would notice that I needed to go in and sleep on my pillow.

I must admit though I do have a very good family, and lot's of friends. I love to play with the kids who live on our street too. It's just very tiring when Bolt comes over and the kids too all in the same day.

Mom said she had nothing to blog about , and no new art to share, although she seems to be practising her drawing a lot lately. So, I thought I would fill you in on me :)
Until next time,
Big wet kisses :)